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  1. 「BZOJ 4012」「HNOI2015」开店

    Description风见幽香有一个好朋友叫八云紫,她们经常一起看星星看月亮从诗词歌赋谈到人生哲学。最近她们灵机一动,打算在幻想乡开一家小店来做生意赚点钱。这样的想法当然非常好啦,但是她们也发现她们面临着一个问题,那就是店开在哪里,面向什么样的人群。很神奇的是,幻想乡的地图是一个树形结构,幻想乡一共有 n 个地方,编号为 1 到 n,被 n-1 条带权的边连接起来。每个地方都住着一个妖怪,其中第 …

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  2. 「HDU 5840」This world need more Zhu

    Problem DescriptionAs we all know, Zhu is the most powerful man. He has the infinite power to protest the world. We need more men like Zhu! In Duoladuo, this place is like a tree. There are n vertices…

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  3. 「HDU 5274」Dylans loves tree

    Problem DescriptionDylans is given a tree with N nodes. All nodes have a value A[i].Nodes on tree is numbered by 1∼N. Then he is given Q questions like that: 0 x y:change node x′s value to y 1 x y:F…

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  4. 「POJ 2763」Housewife Wind

    DescriptionAfter their royal wedding, Jiajia and Wind hid away in XX Village, to enjoy their ordinary happy life. People in XX Village lived in beautiful huts. There are some pairs of huts connected b…

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